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If you give us an hour for lunch, we will introduce you to three brand new people.

Have a relaxed conversation, meet new people, and have a great time.

Meet someone new, have a great conversation. A perfect way to network.

Have fun, without the pressure to perform. There is a clear start and end to the lunches.

If you make friends, great! The SitWith experience is designed to help you meet people.


Sharp Edge Bistro

I found this place while hunting for the best beer selection in the city. We were pleasantly surprised with the food options as well. Check out their downtown location in the middle of the cultural district.



Union Grill

I fell in love with Union Grill as an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon. Good food and a great location right between Pitt and CMU in Oakland. They’ve recently remodeled so the place looks awesome.



Harris Grill

My favorite place in Shadyside. They have awesome outdoor seating, and some dynamite burgers to boot. My personal favorite is the Rothlisburger.