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Welcome to SitWith. We are a social discovery startup, creating great conversation - no pressure.

What Is SitWith?

SitWith brings people together for a meal for relaxed and interesting conversations. By encouraging in-person interactions with new people, SitWith shifts our focus away from online social networks to improve our feelings of connectedness to those in our community.

Instead of eating lunch in front of a computer screen, we invite everyone to go out for lunch and fill their social networks with meaning! To do so, just click the button above and let us know when you're free. SitWith will then match you up with three others looking to have great conversations with new people. Except for the cost of lunch, SitWith is free for you. (And hey - you need to eat lunch anyway right?)


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Restaurant Owners

SitWith helps restaurant owners fill empty seats during down times. We let you choose when you want to host a SitWith lunch - bringing in customers when you need them most.

Unlike "traditional" advertising, every marketing dollar you spend can be connected directly to the customer coming in the door.


Interested in SitWith?

Shoot us a quick message if you'd like to do a SitWith lunch, or are otherwise interested in the SitWith concept. We'd love to hear from you.