Changing how social networks are built.
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Our Mission

Building social networks, the right way.

We have convinced ourselves that online social networks can replace our real-life connections, but they simply cannot. In a world where inter-connectedness is increasing only electronically, we need to socialize in person more than ever before. SitWith is a company that is changing the way the world builds professional and social networks. Face to face interactions are a necessity of life, and SitWith is building social networks the right way, with in-person interactions.


Professional networks done right.

Businesses are struggling to deal with the new organizational dynamic in the era of Facebook and LinkedIn. They are managing a large group of diverse people working in different specialties. With employees on different projects and each subgroup with different backgrounds and training, organizational silos are a constant problem. Silos break down communication, connectedness, and company culture.

ConnectWith uses our social engineering platform to build social networks inside larger organizations. By connecting four unacquainted people over a meal, ConnectWith can bridge the precarious gaps created by an imposed hierarchical corporate structure. These enhanced networks diminish employee turnover by creating a connected community.

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Our Team

The right people, the right problem.

Will Lutz


Patrick Morse

Chief Science Officer

Tyler Matteo

Lead Technology Developer

Paul Lutz

Lead Mobile Developer

Sebastian Guerrero

Info Systems Developer

Jacqueline Pan

Marketing Coordinator

A team that likes to get things done.

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